Staying Decluttered

Once we’ve started to declutter it’s easy to fill up the space again. Here’s the beginnings of a list of ideas to help you change your habits and avoid being sucked back into a world of clutter.

Like the rest of my blog…more to come soon!

1.        One in, one out. If something new comes into the house, get rid of something else. Preferably something of the same kind, to avoid duplication.

2.        Stop taking freebies. Don’t take the promo pens, the hotel mini shampoos or the free toothbrush at the dentist. The money you save isn’t worth the stress of seeing the clutter pile up.

3.        Stop stockpiling and only keep enough consumable goods around to get you until the next shopping trip. Use up the consumables you have and only keep one or two extras on hand. You only need one bottle of shampoo at a time, or one bottle of hand cream.

4.        Only keep one of each type of consumable open at a given time. Wait until you’ve finished hat bottle of shampoo, box of pasta, or jar of moisturizer before opening a new one. If you’re tired of the one that’s open and need a change, pass it on to someone else you know who would want it. Be sure it’s someone outside of your home!

5.        Set limits and follow them. Don’t buy or acquire more than you have space for. Only have room for 10 rolls of toilet paper in your bathroom cabinet? Then buy the six-pack, not the 12-pack!



One thought on “Staying Decluttered

  1. Great tips. I had to really learn number 3. Still learning. This week I threw out a bottle of long life juice and a carton of long life milk because I bought them to keep in the pantry in case we needed them and then never used them.
    For a while I was writing dates on things when I opened them and that gave me an idea of how long it actually took me to use them up. It was an eye-opener to discover that a 30m roll of cling wrap lasted me over a year!

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