Enforced luddite-ism

How long can you go without your computer? 

Try, and see, then share! Or at least get rid of all of the dead and dying computers in your house. I’ve been making good progress this week…

How long can I go without my computer? No time at all, apparently.

If it looks like I’ve disappeared or haven’t responded to your posts lately, I’m sorry. I was too busy decluttering one item: my laptop!

My six-year-old laptop bit the dust on Sunday. So instead I sat down at our desktop computer and found that I can’t use it either because the keyboard is suddenly completely dead!

Even though the husband built his own desktop and is something of an IT genius he couldn’t figure out how to fix either item. I tried to use the old macbook I’ve had since college, but it only boots up long enough to grab a few files before it chokes. Three computers, and none work right now. ARGH!!

For the moment I’m a luddite. I won’t be too quick to post or to respond to comments as I’m using a borrowed computer for a little while. I’ll be back to regular posting once we can make a trip out to the thrift store to find a new keyboard for the desktop.

But I can still manage The Reckoning!

Decluttered item 49: my Dell laptop.

Cost: Gifted to me when I took my first telework job in 2009. It was three years old then and had been beat on by medical students all during that time.

Why I decided to get rid of it: Four words: blue screen of death. I have a desktop, so no need to keep the laptop and no need to replace it either.

Fate: Best Buy recycling immediately after we wiped the hard drive. If you are getting rid of a laptop, don’t forget to do this!! If you’re not married to a computer geek, read PC World’s instructions for completely erasing a hard drive.

Money lost on junk: Still $208.


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