It’s been a hard week for our drinkware (items 35 and 36)

I usually don’t ruin this much drinkware in a week!

We found that this mug has a nice crack (too small for the camera to see unfortunately) but definitely not safe for drinking anymore.

This sport bottle has a little problem.

That would be mold. Growing IN the plastic in spite of the dishwasher. Yich.

The Reckoning!

Cost: free! Bike bottle came with the bike, mugs came with my husband’s dishware purchase.

Why I decided to get rid of them: Really, would you drink out of either of these? It’s broken and I’m not replacing it!

Fate: Trash for the mug (I already have a pencil cup at work) and recycling bin for the bike bottle.

Money lost on junk: Phew, nothing this time. Total this year: $203.

Challenge for you: go through all of your dishware. Find the broken or unsuable stuff and trash it! (and then send me pictures of the piles of stuff to post so my junk doesn’t feel lonely in a landfill! Pretty please?)


3 thoughts on “It’s been a hard week for our drinkware (items 35 and 36)

  1. Rather than leave your china/pottery to the landfill, why don’t you find someone who can use broken pottery/china to make mosaics. I found a neighbour who is glad to have all my (reasonably rare) broken stuff to decorate mirror frames, and planter pots.

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