Thirteen Corningware baking dishes and a partridge in a pear tree (Item 22: One baking dish)

Once upon a time, I owned a single baking dish. This was it. It got me through grad school and my first year in my own apartment.

Then I discovered eBay.

Ah, the shiny website where I could get an unlimited supply of Corningware baking dishes that reminded my of my mother’s. First I bought two tiny single-serving Corningware dishes with the pretty cornflower pattern. Then I found a set four of slightly larger ones. Then I upgraded to the harder stuff, and bought four large dishes.

Then I moved in with my husband, who owned two of his own.

We own THIRTEEN baking dishes. I think I could re-write The Twelve Days of Christmas to feature all of my cookware. Ugh.

~ The Reckoning ~

Original Cost: $20. However, I did initially buy this because I needed it. It was my only baking dish for years. So I will cheat on this item, and not include it in my final tally. However, the 10 other dishes will, if I can convince myself to get rid of them.  

What convinced me to get rid of them: I started with this one because it’s one of the largest. And do I need this around to remind me of grad school? No! I have lots of photos that can do that.

Fate: Donated it to our local thrift shop, Wagging Tails Thrift Store, which donates its proceeds to the local Humane Society.

Total $ wasted on junk so far this year: $153.


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